USB Chess Board Will Track Your Pieces

USB Chess Game (Image courtesy Dream Cheeky)By Andrew Liszewski

Learning to play chess is not that hard. It’s learning the strategies needed to win that’s difficult. If you’re just starting to pick up the game though this USB Chess Game could be pretty useful. The roll-up board connects to a PC via USB and will actually keep track of the positions of all the physical pieces on the board. With the included software you’ll also be able to see a virtual representation of the game in progress which will ensure the pieces have been moved legally and can even provide hints as to what the next best move would be.

You can even save a game in progress and then resume it again later since you’ll be able to see where all the pieces on the board were positioned. And if you can’t figure out why you never win the games can even be recorded allowing you to replay and study them later.

While the USB Chess Game is listed on the Dream Cheeky website I really have no idea where to actually buy one or how much it costs.

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