USB Chameleon Won’t Actually Change Colors

By Luke Anderson

When I sit down to write, or do most things on my computer for that matter, I generally want to concentrate on what I’m doing. Aside from my music, I try to keep my distractions down to a minimum. This of course means that I don’t have a lot of pointless USB accessories scattered around my desk. However, if you need something to constantly take your mind of your work, then by all means, get a USB Chameleon.

At random points, this plastic lizard will rotate his eyes and stick out his tongue.  What I find fascinating is that they decided to make a USB chameleon, but they didn’t even bother to make it change colors. If I’m spending $26 on something that calls itself a chameleon, I’d better not be able to see it.

[ Iwantoneofthose ] VIA [ FoolishGadgets ]

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