USB Bunny Keeps Going And Going And…

USB Bunny Keeps Going And Going And…

By Jonathan Kimak

There are tons of USB gadgets out there to amuse us while we work. And while the people who invent these things usually want to appeal to a large market, this USB Humping Bunny seems like a niche market gadget.

The Humping Bunny is a 1GB USB drive with a plastic bunny attached to it. When you plug it into a USB slot the Bunny begins to perform the tender act of love on your computer. This could be amusing for about 2 minutes, after which you’re stuck with this little plastic lothario that just won’t stop giving it to your laptop.

If for some reason this still appeals to you, you can get one for $15.

[ USB Humping Bunnies ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]