US Bunkers’ The Guardian

By David Ponce

If you want to own a bunker, and you absolutely must have it above ground… then you’re going to have to live with the fact that it should look like a UFO from a 50s B-movie, and that’s that.

This company, US Bunkers, makes three types: The Guardian for above-ground (pictured), The Foxhole for underground and The Posei-Dome (how clever) for underwater. It seems The Guardian’s goofy shape

is what makes them impermeable and able to deflect extreme wind speeds, debris and projectiles from any side. To structures, warfare or natural disasters are the same; they have to be able to withstand the impact of flying objects, such as a rooftop or vehicle at high tornado speeds. This can only be achieved with a completely monolithic, reinforced, concrete structure.

It’s pretty much a monolithic rebarred concrete pod on steel legs.

One advantage of having an above ground bunker is that you can transport it to wherever you wish to have it. Of course, you’d probably end up paying through the nose in transportation fees, but somehow I think that if you can afford one of these, a few thousand dollars’ shipping won’t bug you all that much.

And see… there’s no price anywhere on the site. You know what that means. Check it out here anyway. Story VIA

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