URWERK’s New ‘King Cobra’ UR-CC1 Watch Inspired By 1960’s Speedometers

URWERK UR-CC1 King Cobra (Image courtesy URWERK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last year URWERK turned heads and weighed down wrists with their UR-202 Hammerhead turbine-regulated watch which, quite frankly, just looked really cool. And so does their latest model, the UR-CC1 codenamed the ‘King Cobra’. Now while it might not look as complex as the UR-202, the King Cobra’s 2 horizontal retrograde cylinders which are used to display the hours and minutes are actually the result of 3+ years of R&D and testing to ensure their rotation and fly-back action doesn’t affect the watch’s accurate timekeeping.

The watch also features a honeycomb patterned rack (visible through a window on the side) used to rotate the minute cylinder that’s actually made from silicon via a photolithography process in order to keep it extremely lightweight but also very strong. Unfortunately there’s no pricing info for the UR-CC1 at the moment if you’ve already got your credit card in hand, but it’s easily another item you can file under “if you have to ask…”

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