UroClub – For Golfers That Can’t Hold It

By Luke Anderson

I don’t do much golfing, but I’ve gone a few times and know the importance of going to the bathroom before setting out for a round of 18 holes. Depending on how many people you’re playing with, it can take some time to actually finish the game, which means you’ll be holding it for a long time (unless your course has bathrooms scattered about the course). So what do you do if you really need to go?

Sure, you could try the old going behind a tree trick, however, if you want to be more discreet about things, you could always use the UroClub. While this may look like a (somewhat) ordinary club, it’s anything but. That large handle is actually meant for holding bodily fluids. Just unscrew the cap, cover yourself with a towel and relieve yourself in the club.

I really just can’t find words to describe this thing. Honestly, who is going to stand on the middle of the fairway and pee into a golf club? I’d much rather just head for a tree. If you’re comfortable doing your business right in front of everyone, then by all means, pick one up for $49.95, or snag a pair for $74.92.

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7 thoughts on “UroClub – For Golfers That Can’t Hold It”

  1. Also, if one’s balder is so full that they can’t wait any longer before going, this club is likely not large enough to hold all the fluid. Imagine, using it in the open, then having it spill over onto you light brown pants that turn dark brown when wet.

  2. “(unless your course has bathrooms scattered about the course)”

    Every golf course has these. Bunkers. What did you think they were for?

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