Urban Quiver Camera Bag (Images courtesy Blackstone Bags)

Urban Quiver Camera Bag

Urban Quiver Camera Bag (Images courtesy Blackstone Bags)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not under any delusions here, the reason this sling-type camera bag caught my attention was for the simple fact that Blackstone Bags refers to it as their ‘Urban Quiver’ design. And as a result I had images of myself swinging through trees downtown, whipping out my camera to snap photos of the rich and give them to the poor, in a misguided attempt to bring myself some Robin Hood-esque notoriety. But it turns out the Urban Quiver has some nice features, particularly for those who’ve chosen a life less suburb.

Most notably, the 21-inch long bag has a big flap on top that opens to reveal its entire contents which makes packing away and keeping track of what gear you’ve got stashed a lot easier than with an endless collection of pockets. But when worn that top flap is actually pressed against your back, meaning it’s next to impossible for someone in a crowd to open and abscond with your gear. A large buckle in the middle of the strap allows you to easily remove and clip-on the bag, and there’s a couple of thin accessory pockets on there too allowing you to store phones or other devices you need to access more frequently. At $125 it’s admittedly expensive, but they are designed and manufactured in Portland, if buying locally made products is important to you.

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