Upper Body Tanner Works From 4 Feet Away

Upper Body Tanner (Image courtesy Pro-Idee)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty happy with the healthy gray glow I’ve got going thanks to the hours I’ve spent sitting in front of an LCD display. But if you’re after more of a George Hamilton look, without the countless hours spent basking in the sun, you might want to stick one of these devices next to your monitor at work. Apparently standard facial tanning devices require you to be as close as 6 inches away to cook up a decent tan, but the Upper Body Tanner uses a 400W halogen lamp and a reflector to give the same results from an ideal distance of about 4 feet. So instead of having to lean into the device for half an hour, you can comfortably sit back in your chair.

The Tanner has a 30-minute safety switch, which is the maximum duration it will let you tan for, but I think the 4 person memory unit will be pretty easy to fool if you’re trying to speed things up. And while the Upper Body Tanner is a considerably cheaper alternative to a sunny vacation in the Caribbean, it will still cost you about $277 from Pro-Idee.

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