Updated R2-D2 Home Theater System Costs Way too Much

R2-D2 Home Theater System (Image via Hammacher)
by Shane McGlaun

The R2-D2 Home Theater System isn’t completely new to the market, but this updated version from Hammacher is. R2 now sports a DLP projector in his little droid noggin that has a 1024 x 768 resolution and 1500:1 contrast ratio.

R2 can throw an image 80” in size from up to 16.5 feet away. If you feel like watching a movie on the ceiling, the projector can rotate 65 degrees making that possible. One of the arm housings has a DVD/CD player and R2’s vents hide an iPod dock, which I’m sure Luke always felt R2 was missing.

The iPod dock will fit most iPod’s including the iPod Video and allows you to play your videos back through the projector and hear the sound through the twin 20mm speakers built-in. Next to the docking station are a memory card reader and a USB port. Connections on the back allow you to hook up headphones, speakers and your game system as well. The only thing R2 lacks now is HD output and a price that geeks into Star Wars can afford. At $2799.95 I don’t see many Star Wars fans scrambling for their wallets. The Millennium Falcon statue holds the remote that controls R2-D2’s functions.

VIA [ Hammacher ]