Update On The T-Shirt Contest

By David Ponce

After looking at a few of the early submissions for the OhGizmo T-Shirt Design Contest, I’m realizing that perhaps I didn’t convey the concept clearly enough. Quite a few of the designs involve simply placing the logo somewhere on the shirt. And while we applaud the simplicity, we’re not looking for something that will appeal to OhGizmo readers only.

The Splitreason store gets geeky clients from all over, and we’re hoping to be able to sell a shirt to someone that hasn’t even heard of us before. To give you an idea of the type of designs we’re looking for, take a look at a couple of the other partner stores on the Splitreason site: Destructoid or Ctrl-Alt-Del. The brand is present throughout, but the designs are cool regardless of the logo.

I wanted to make this clear as soon as possible, before some of you spend too much time trying to find the optimal position for the OhGizmo logo.

Thanks all.

2 thoughts on “Update On The T-Shirt Contest”

  1. The difference between the above sites logo products and what yours can be is they have “characters” to go along with their logos while you only have the logo. I will indeed be making a submission as ogizmo is one of my favorite sites to lurk about I just thought I would clue you into the limitation.

  2. Yes, perhaps those weren’t the most appropriate examples, but we were hoping it gave people a better idea of what we were looking for. We were really impressed with some of the entries Joystiq received for their shirt contest, and they have a similar ‘text only’ logo like us.


    That’s why we haven’t really put too many limitations on the design. We’re hoping there’s enough inspiration in the world of gadgets, gizmos and technology to inspire people. And thanks for participating.

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