Up To 8GB of Storage On Your Mobile With The Stick And Stor

mobile stor stickBy David Ponce

If you don’t mind Frankensteining your mobile with a little bump on the back and a funny looking tapered blue cable on the side, then a company called US Modular has a product that promises to add up to 8GB of extra storage to any Micro-SD or T-Flash enabled mobile. These include the Samsung D600 and the infamous ROKR (and, yes, that sort of makes the ROKR suck more, as you can’t really take advantage of the extra space anyway — at least not for music).

The “Stik & Stor”, as it’s called, comes in sizes ranging from 1GB to 8GB (to be released soon). The 1GB ($80) and 2GB ($100) versions are flash based, whereas the 4GB ($150) and 8GB ($200, when it comes out) use a microdrive.

It’s not exactly clear what the particular phone’s operating systems or applications will have to say about the sudden appearance of the mammothy storage, though US Modular claims peaches and cream seamlessness.

We’ll see.

[US Modular] VIA [I4U]