Untranslatable Words From Other Languages

Untranslatable Words Language is one of the many aspects of culture that sets the latter apart from others. One word in one language could mean something else in another language. Sometimes, one word in one language has no counterpart or translation in another. Maptia took eleven of these words and turned them into lively illustrations to make it easier for people to go through. The team used the information found in Guy German’s book, entitled Through The Language Glass, as the basis for the series. You can check out the rest of the series after the break.

Untranslatable Words7

Untranslatable Words6

Untranslatable Words5

Untranslatable Words4

Untranslatable Words3

Untranslatable Words2

Untranslatable Words1

Untranslatable Words1

Untranslatable Words

Untranslatable Word2

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