Unpickable Bike Lock Appears Overengineered, Is Actually Kind Of Cool


Securing your bike in public is usually done with a U-shape lock or a simple chain. But that’s not nearly secure enough in the eyes of some, so the Forever Lock was designed. It’s decidedly ingenious. The way it works is by hiding the keyhole out of reach, so that it can’t be accessed with traditional lock picking tools. You have to physically insert the specially-designed key inside of the mechanism, through a combination of actions that are hard to describe in words. It’s sort of like a Rubik’s cube, but much less complex. Watch the vid if we’re not making any sense.

They’re not officially available on the US market, but the guy who made this video is selling them for $140 a pop. That may seem like a lot of a lock, but you’ll understand once you see the vid that this is just about as secure a U-lock as you’ll ever see. Sure, it’s not going to stop someone with a blowtorch, but that’s a little conspicuous in public.

VIA [ Geek.com ]

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