United Keys OLED Keyboard Is No Optimus Maximus, But Still Looks Awesome

By Luke Anderson

I’ll admit that I’ve been drooling over the Optimus Maximus keyboard for years now. Sure, they’re actually for sale now, but I still haven’t managed to find $1,500 that could be justifiably spent on a keyboard. Thankfully United Keys has decided to make a cheaper alternative. Cheaper means less features, but it’s still worth a look.

The United Keys OLED Keyboard has 9 programmable buttons, each with a monochrome OLED screen which displays at a resolution of 64×64 pix. The keyboard comes with software to design custom icons for each key, and even allows you to have it load different keys for specific software. The full keyboard with 9 OLED keys will run you $259, or you can just get the 9 key pad for $199.

[ UnitedKeys ] VIA [ Technabob ]