Under Door Remote Viewer Adds Realism To Rainbow Six Cosplay

Under Door Remote Viewer (Images courtesy Endoacustica)By Andrew Liszewski

Since x-ray vision still hasn’t been invented (or at least perfected) this under door remote viewing kit is probably the next best thing if you have a desperate need to know what’s behind a door before you open it. As an added bonus it will add loads of realism to your homemade Rainbow Six costume that probably only consists of a ski mask, black t-shirt and black jogging pants.

The scope can slide under doors that have less than a quarter inch of clearance and the offset 55° field of view allows you to see everything in the room from the floor up. It also includes a right angle viewing adapter that attaches to the scope for making sure the other side of the door is free of barricades and booby traps. There’s unfortunately no pricing information on the Endoacustica website but given the wide range of high-tech accessories including night vision kits, portable monitors, video adapters and IR emitters it’s safe to assume it doesn’t come cheap.

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