UN01 iPhone Case (Image courtesy designboom)

UN01 Case Hopes To Inspire More iPhone Photographers

UN01 iPhone Case (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

No one’s going to argue that the iPhone 4 can compete with dedicated digital cameras, particularly DSLRs, when it comes to image quality. But it still has plenty of strengths. It’s compact, light, and everyone who owns one is already carrying it for phone or music purposes. It’s even connected to a wireless network all most of the time making instantly sharing a snapshot a breeze. And isn’t that what photography is all about?

That’s what the creators of the UN01 iPhone 4 case believe, and they’re hoping its stylish, camera-inspired design encourages people to actually use their iPhone as a camera more often. Normally we shy away from Kickstarter projects since they’re usually just concepts that never come to fruition, but we feel this design has some real merit. On the technical side the case uses a two-piece sliding design that stays together thanks to the clever faux lens in the center that doubles as a locking mechanism. And on the aesthetics side the case includes a DSLR-inspired neck strap and laser-etched and even aluminum designs not pictured. The project needs $23,000 to get off the ground, to which $287 have been pledged at this time, though they still have some 42 days to raise the rest.

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