Ultraviolet Spy Pen With Message Shredder

Ultraviolet Pen and Light with Message Shredder (Image courtesy Spycatcher.co.uk)By Andrew Liszewski

You know I’m starting to think that real spies don’t actually shop at Spycatcher.co.uk after all. Call me crazy, but if your life depends on keeping pieces of correspondence hush hush, you might not want to rely on a device that looks like a stocking stuffer.

I mean sure, your messages are private because they can only be read with the special ultraviolet light on the pen, but I don’t think they’re that hard to come by. It’s not like this thing is strictly CIA, NSA or MI6 issue. But if you are worried your confidential notes might fall into the wrong hands, you can also use the pen to shred them once they’ve been read. Not even the greatest code breakers or puzzle masters on Earth could reassemble a small piece of paper that’s been cut into 9 strips.

Of course I’m sure kids would love this thing, and at about $9 from Spycatcher.co.uk it probably would make a great stocking stuffer.

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