Super NES

Ultimate US Super Nintendo Collection is Currently Up for Sale on eBay

Super NES

Fancy owning every single game that was ever made for the SNES? At least, the ones that were officially released in the US, Canada, and Mexico anyway. You do? Well, now’s your chance to get all 721 games because¬†byuu¬†from Reddit is selling the neat collection that he’s managed to collect and complete over the course of three years.

The asking price is $24,999, and while it might seem like a steep amount, it really isn’t, considering the fact that the top 25 games or so are worth half of his asking price. Proceeds from the sales will go to byuu’s next project: collecting every game that was released for the European and Japanese market.

Super Nes

Interested? You can send your offers to byuu or check out more images of the collection (and make an offer for it) on eBay.

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