Ultimate Key Logger Might Be Considered An Invasion Of Privacy

Ultimate Key Logger (Image courtesy Spycatcher)By Andrew Liszewski

Let me start off by saying that I in no way advocate the use of a key logging device, unless you’re looking to get revenge on someone, trying to dig up some blackmail material, or are just plain curious what your co-workers might be up to. So if you fall into any of those categories, the Ultimate Key Logger appears to be the perfect tool for the job.

It looks like your basic USB flash drive, but when attached to the target computer it will install an invisible piece of software that will log all keystrokes, remember all websites visited and even take screenshots at timed intervals or when specified words or phrases have been typed. And what apparently makes this key logger the ‘Ultimate’ one is the that the USB drive doesn’t need to be attached to the computer for it to work, reducing suspicions that something fishy might be going on.

You can pick one up from Spycatcher, but you better intend to use it for personal gain in order to offset the $280 price tag.

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Key Logger Might Be Considered An Invasion Of Privacy”

  1. So essentially they are selling their software for $275 on a cheap thumb drive? 🙂

    There are almost certainly other application that do this same thing, but do not require the user to physically revisit the machine being monitored.

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