The Cookie Dunker is Perfect For Anyone Who’s Serious About Dunking Their Cookies

Cookie Dunker

Don’t you just hate how the milk spills over the glass sometimes or how your fingertips get submerged in milk while you’re dunking your cookie? These are the first-world problems that are most commonly experienced by cookie dunkers–but not for long, not with the Cookie Dunker.

Created by Awkward Engineer Creations, it’s a glass that promises to give you the perfect dunk, every time.

The Cookie Dunker comes with an especially wide mouth, so you can get your hand or finger in there to dunk comfortably. Meanwhile, the narrow cross section at the bottom ensures that you’ll be able to dunk your entire cookie, even at extremely low milk levels. These features are in addition to its rock-steady stable base (so the glass won’t tip over while you’re in mid-dunk) and its rounded dunk chamber (so your cookie will fit it perfectly!)

The Cookie Dunker is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $23 will get you a two-pack of these awesome cups. One for you and one for your fellow dunker.

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