Ultimate Arcade Cabinet With 55-Inch Screen Lets You Play 50,000 Games

Ultimate Arcade

Arcade machines became less and less popular with the release of video game consoles like the Family Computer and the PlayStation. The latter were compact, highly portable, and had the capacity to support a wide variety of games in the comfort of the players’ homes. Arcade machines are still around these days, and while a lot of gamers still troop down to play their games at the local arcade, their popularity is waning.

So I think the unveiling of the Ultimate Arcade Cabinet was just timely. It’s a specially-built arcade cabinet by Jack Thompson and the crew at ArcadesRFun and it’s one arcade that’ll make you want to spend all your time at the arcade again. It’s equipped with a large, 55-inch display and has full controls for up to four players.

Aside from that, it’s also got a 37″ LG marquee display at the top of the machine to display various scenes during gameplay. The machine is pre-loaded with the Hyperspin UI and various console emulators, so you can play games from various systems easily. If you do the math, you can play over 50,000 games on the system–and counting.

Want it for yourself? The good news is that the machine is for sale. The bad news? It’s priced at $19,995.

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