Twitter-Powered Knitbot Knits Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Designated Drivers


Don’t drink or drive, because lives will be on the line. If you’re going on a night out with friends where alcohol is involved, then it’s always best to assign designated drivers beforehand. That way, they’ll drink less than their limits and everyone will get home safe and sound.

As a means to promote designated drivers and reward them, Budweiser UK embarked on a campaign involving Twitter and a knitting robot called Knitbot. The Knitbot is powered by Twitter in the sense that it only knits ugly Christmas jumpers (that’s ugly Christmas sweaters in the US) when someone tweets updates containing theĀ #Jumper4des hashtag.

The sweaters aren’t exactly that ugly, although they’re not particularly nice, either. Knitted in red and white, the sweaters bear the words “Merry Christmas! Celebrate responsibility” across the chest, with snowflakes and horses by the sleeves and hem to complete the design.

Fans will get a chance to win one of the sweaters by checking the Budweiser UK Facebook page for updates.