Twitter Kit Lets Your Plants Annoy You Over The Internet

By Evan Ackerman

Why is it that plants can grow just fine all by themselves outside, but as soon as you bring one indoors, it just gives up and dies no matter what you do? What do you WANT, Mr. Plant? HOW CAN I MAKE YOU HAPPY? Sigh. I used to think it was just me, but I guess there’s enough desperate plant killers out there to form a market for things like this plant Twitter kit.

The kit consists of some moisture sensors and an ethernet adapter, which lets it update its own personal Twitter account with its current level of thirst. If the soil moisture drops too low, it will politely Twitter, “water me please.” If it goes unheeded, this is followed by “URGENT! Water me!” Turn the hose on it for a bit, and either rewarded as it Twitters “thank you for watering me” or chastised with “you over watered me.” This is much better than email, since friends and family can also subscribe to the Twitter feed and see how long the poor thing lasts in your inadequate care before Twittering “current moisture: 0%,” and it’s all over.

The DIY kit (it needs a little soldering, but it’s a good excuse to teach yourself) costs $100 from Thinkgeek.

[ DIY Plant Twitter Kit ]

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