Twist Alarm Clock Will Put Your Early Morning Math Skills To The Test

Twist Alarm Clock (Images courtesy D-Forme)
By Andrew Liszewski

The gadget world is inundated with all manner of novelty alarm clocks designed to discourage you from just hitting the snooze button in the morning, and now there’s one more! Besides a unique twisting body which I assume allows you to change the clock’s modes and easily set the time or the alarm, the Twist Alarm Clock will also challenge you with math problems once it’s time to wake up. The alarm won’t stop until you properly solve a basic math equation, and as you can see in the product shot, since 5 minus 4 doesn’t equal 2, the poor chap who tried to solve this one won’t be seeing any peace and quiet anytime soon.

For the time being it’s only available in Japan for about $30, unless you can find someone who will import it, and I wouldn’t actually worry about it becoming too annoying since I’m sure it will work with that age old equation; alarm clock + wall = silence.

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4 thoughts on “Twist Alarm Clock Will Put Your Early Morning Math Skills To The Test”

  1. This has 1970's and Star Wars written all over it.
    I'm almost positive that this is something that the Republic dispenses to the clones.

  2. I just got one of these from ThinkGeek for $15. Tried to use it last night but the batteries (which I had just purchased) were dead by the morning. Luckily I had a backup alarm. Going to try again tonight but if it keeps eating batteries that fast I may just return it, or possibly modify it to run off of a DC wall wart plug.

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