TwinMOS Flash Drive Gets The Party Started

TwinMOS Mirror-Surface Flash Drive (Image courtesy AVING USA)By Andrew Liszewski

How do you make a flash drive stand out these days in a world where they’re given away almost as much as AOL disks were? (I’m kidding, it will probably take another 300 years before they reach AOL numbers.)

Well TwinMOS believes their Mobile Disk P1 can catch your eye with both a shiny mirror finish, and a series of 6 different colored LED lights that randomly flash while the drive is being accessed. Clearly the ‘P’ in ‘Mobile Disk P1’ stands for party… or I guess party1.

While it will only be available with a 4GB capacity it at least uses a sliding USB connection which means there’s no cap to immediately lose. The Mobile Disk P1 is also USB 2 compliant, and supports all the major operating systems including Vista, XP, OSX and Linux.

[ TwinMOS to introduce mirror-surfaced USB flash ] VIA [ SCI FI TECH ]