Twilight Tracer Golf Balls

Twilight Tracer Golf Balls (Image courtesy Latest Buy)By Andrew Liszewski

When I play golf I can honestly say I’ve never lost a ball because thankfully the cameras in Tiger Woods PGA Tour automatically follow it right to where it lands. But believe it or not I’ve heard there are people who will wake up sometime in the A.M. and go to an actual golf course to play a few rounds. And when a ball veers off the straightaway they’re forced to go hunt it down no matter where it lands.

If you’re part of this latter group I suggest you dump all those Titleists and replace them with a bucket of these Twilight Tracer balls. When the ball has been hit it will start flashing for about 5 minutes which should give most people plenty of time to find where it lands. And for those wondering these are not a novelty product but are actual regulation size and weight and are designed to be played with.

Unfortunately the balls use a non-replaceable 5V lithium battery giving them about 80 hours of life which means each ball will last for about 900 hits, or 8 or 9 games on average. After that they become regular boring balls again.

The Twilight Tracers are available in a pack of 3 from LatestBuy for about $32.

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