TV Weather Station

TV Weather Station (Image courtesy firstSTREET)By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of making you stare at some low-rent, monochrome LCD display, this home weather station connects to your TV and provides a slightly more in-depth readout of the current conditions. An included temperature, rain and wind sensor can be placed around your yard, and will wirelessly broadcast the data they collect back to the base station in your house. (The system has a range of just under 200 feet.)

The receiver connects to your TV via a composite cable so don’t expect an HD-quality picture, but it does provide info such as current temperature inside and outside, wind chill factor, wind direction, wind speed, barometric trend, rainfall, humidity and more. The receiver will also calculate a forecast based on weather trends over the past 72 hours. Once again, this seems like one of those products for people who are completely cut off from any and all sources of media, or who just don’t trust their shady local weatherman.

The TV Weather Station is available from firstSTREET for $129.95.

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