TV Remote Watch Manages To (Mostly) Hide Its Other Functionality

World Time Zone TV Remote Control Watch (Images courtesy Vavolo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though a lot of people were convinced the world would come to an end after Gizmodo’s TV-B-Gone stunt at CES, it seems the only real fallout will be security guards at future trade shows specifically keeping an eye out for the little device. So if you were hoping to be completely unoriginal and pull the exact same stunt at another show, you’re going to need something a bit less obvious.

Enter the World Time Zone TV Remote Watch that looks like your typical Ironman-esque sports model, but also includes an IR emitter for controlling a wide range of TVs, VCRs and DVD players. (I think it tells time too.) The emitter only has a range of about 10 to 16 feet, so you’re going to have to be really subtle and preferably hide in a large crowd in order to use it. But on the plus side, if you’re successful you’ll get to star in one of thousands of me-too! videos on YouTube. (Please note: OhGizmo! does not endorse the use of this device for shutting off displays during presentations we happen to be attending.)

The watch is available from Vavolo for just $12.50.

[ World Time Zone TV Remote Control Watch ] VIA [ Gear Live ]

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