Turn Your Music Headphones Into A Bluetooth Headset With myTalker

By David Ponce

Say you’re gleefully frying your eardrums with the help of your trusty music player. Then, you get a call. You frantically reach into your pocket with one hand while you yank your headphones with the other, only to realise it’s mom asking what you want for dinner. With the myTalker ET700 Bluetooth Gateway from companyTekkeon, you could have told her “Mac and Cheese” a lot more gracefully.

See, the myTalker goes between your headphones and your player and turns the whole setup into a Bluetooth headset. If you get a call, simply press a button to mute your music and receive your call. Incoming voice feeds directly into your headphones, while your words are picked up by a microphone on the device.

It uses Bluetooth v1.2 and it also gives you one-touch access to advanced calling features like last number redial, voice dialing, and call waiting. Runs on lithium battery with 120 hours standby and 5 hours talktime.

This just saw light of day at MacWorld, and I wasn’t able to find a price.

[Tekkeon’s myTalker] VIA [New Launches]

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