Turn Your iPad Into A Fashion Accessory

By Chris Scott Barr

Having trouble finding enough uses for your iPad? Or perhaps you just want to make sure that everyone you come into contact knows that you’re cool enough to have one. Sure, you could prop it up on your shoulder, turn on some tunes and pretend it’s an old boombox, but that’s just not classy. No, what you need is a shirt that will hold your iPad, and display whatever pictures or video you want.

Okay, so maybe at first thought it might seem cool to essentially have a shirt that can depict virtually anything. But I can’t imagine putting my iPad in this thing and walking around. I’m not even talking about how it will no doubt weigh down the front of your shirt. Rather, I’m referring to the douchebag factor. If you really have nothing better to do with your iPad, then by all means, drop $50 on this fashion statement.

[ Syte Shirt ] VIA [ Gearlog ]

3 thoughts on “Turn Your iPad Into A Fashion Accessory”

  1. When I first saw this post I will admit I was very excited about the idea of wearing my ipad on my shirt.. Then though you went off on the douchebag factor and now I just feel like a douchebag for even thinking about putting on this shirt. No in reality give the person who made this shirt some credit, I mean how much brain power does it take to think up a pouch that can hold 10×7.5 inch devices on the front of a shirt.

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