Turn Your Exhaust Into A Flamethrower

By Luke Anderson

I’m sure at some point you’ve all imagined having an awesome car that would turn heads everywhere you go. Of course those are merely dreams, and you end up driving a Saturn that blends in with every other car on the road. Well here’s an upgrade for your ordinary car that will get you some attention next time you’re sitting at a red light.

Something tells me that shooting 20-foot flames out the back of your car isn’t street legal, however, there are few accessories for your vehicle that will make you feel more like James Bond. Just install this Autoloc Flame Thrower to the ends of your exhaust, and press the button on your remote to send flames shooting out. The site does note that these are for off-road use only, so use at your own risk. Kits start at $125 for a single exhaust system.

[ Hoffman Group ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

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