Turn Your Can Into A Resealable Bottle

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been outside on a hot Summer day and reached for your can of pop, only to see a bee crawling out the opening? While I’m sure that the bee isn’t going to ruin my drink, I just can’t bear to drink it after seeing that. I’ve seen a few devices meant to seal pop cans, however, this has to be my favorite so far.

Essentially this plastic contraption snaps to the top of your can and turns it into a bottle with a screw cap. While I wouldn’t use this when indoors, I’d definitely keep one on my can when doing stuff outdoors. You should be able to pick up 3-packs for around $10 at local stores.

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2 thoughts on “Turn Your Can Into A Resealable Bottle”

  1. this is a great idea! My biggest problem with canned beverages is that my dog LOVES beer. If you set a beer down anywhere where she can reach it, she will knock it over so we can get her drunk on. This will not only keep bees out of my brew but keep my dog sober!

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