Turn Any Text Or Logo Into A Branding Iron


By David Ponce

Sadly, the word branding has inevitable connotations with the branding of flesh, be it that of cows or even humans in some cases. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there are plenty of non-fleshy things you can brand, such as wood or pretty much whatever you want. Long’s it’s not skin (or even if it is if a short stint in jail is your thing). And now you can brand pretty much any creation you want. Send your logo or text to Shapeways and they will create a 3D model that clicks right into a standard lighter. Light it for 30 seconds for the iron to get hot enough, and… brand away, we guess.

It’s $25, shipping included. And they make sure to warn you that not only is this dangerous, it’s also very possibly stupid and, well, dangerous.

Lighter included!

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5 thoughts on “Turn Any Text Or Logo Into A Branding Iron”

  1. LOL for $25 I will pass and just stick to using the steak brander to brand my steaks when they are cooking. That's fun enough for me. I'd run out of things to brand, and it would be a waste of $25, that or I'd lose it.

  2. There is a limit of 5 characters. It seems that it also accepts punctuation, possibly numbers, too. I could fit my name on it, but I'm just not sure I need to go around branding things. It would be fun if I could brand with impunity though. I wonder how many brandings you could get out of one lighter.

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