TunerMatic Automatic Guitar Tuner (Images courtesy TunerMatic)

TunerMatic Automatic Guitar Tuner

TunerMatic Automatic Guitar Tuner (Images courtesy TunerMatic)
By Andrew Liszewski

I have no musical skills whatsoever, but I’m going to assume that the ability to tune an instrument, like a guitar, by ear is a handy skill for a musician to have. But that’s not to say that those who can’t shouldn’t be playing one. Not at all. For them gadgets like this TunerMatic exist that not only ensure their instrument is being tuned accurately, but that the process is hard to screw up.

Most guitar tuners require you to adjust the tuning peg yourself while monitoring the note being played on its display, but the TunerMatic has a built-in motor and cranking mechanism that turns the peg for you. You just pluck a string and watch as it automatically adjusts the peg to bring your guitar in tune. It’s available for $49.95 and works on electric or acoustic guitars with a built-in pickup. But using it with acoustic guitars that are lacking one requires a microphone adapter that’s an extra $12.95.

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