TrueUtility Puts A Flashlight On Your Keys


By David Ponce

Sadly, this is probably one of those products you’ll find stacked, 50 to a box right next to the cash register at a dollar store somewhere. It’s sad, we say, because it’s a relatively ingenious little thing. It’s the LockLite, from TrueUtility, and it’s simply a little LED light affixable to a key of your choosing. To us, it seems like an indispensable tool when you’re trying to come home after a night of drinking with the buddies and you don’t want to wake the missus by repeatedly striking the door everywhere except in the keyhole. Of course, we don’t exactly advocate committed relationships, because they inevitably strip you from your God-given right to kick your liver a little closer to death everyday, but, well, we’re not going to tell you how to run your life.

We’re not sure just how much these cost, and whether or not they’re being commercialized yet. The company invites prospective vendors to inquire about samples, so we’re guessing they’re out there.

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2 thoughts on “TrueUtility Puts A Flashlight On Your Keys”

  1. As cool as this kind of thing is I remember having one way back before LEDs took over the world. The biggest problem with things like this is that the casing, battery and light are so big your keys no longer lay flat making your key ring bulge in your pocket. I?d like to see something like this only make the key itself the light. Just put a core tube of plastic down the center of the key. Or make the key itself out of a sturdy clear plastic. You may need to replace the key every few years but a plastic key would still work. Then just have the battery sit in the end. With a small profile battery and the LED built into the key itself the key would be much nicer to have on your key ring. Heck, they could even make them all one thing and sell them for 50 cents or something. Just pick out one and get it cut, when it dies go get another. It?d be good for locksmiths too!

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