TRON Light Cycle USB Flash Drives (Images courtesy Toys "R" Us)

TRON: Legacy Light Cycle USB Flash Drives

TRON Light Cycle USB Flash Drives (Images courtesy Toys "R" Us)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given the film is just around the corner I would have said it’s about time for the TRON: Legacy marketing push to go into full effect, but it seems that ship sailed months and months ago. Somehow though I’m not already sick of the film before even seeing it, and I’ve even been impressed by the some of the TRON: Legacy tie-ins that have already been released.

Now they’re no where near as cool as the glowing Adidas’s TRON: Legacy sneakers, but I wouldn’t mind a set of these light cycle USB flash drives. They come in both a 4GB Sam Flynn and 8GB Kevin Flynn variety, and of course feature glowing accent lighting when connected to your PC. They’re both currently available from Toys “R” Us for $24.99 and $34.99 respectively.

[ TRON Sam Flynn Light Cycle 4GB USB Drive & Kevin Flynn Light Cycle 8GB USB Drive ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]