TravelCard Smartphone Charger Fits In Your Wallet

TravelCard Smartphone Charger Fits In Your Wallet

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There are many credit card-shaped charger adapters out there, but no actual chargers that fit right into your wallet–until now, that is. The TravelCard is slightly thicker than your average credit card and it holds up to five hours of extra talk time, 4.5 hours of Internet use, or 98 hours of standby time. That’s pretty impressive considering its compact size.

Using it is as simple as 1-2-3: just fish it out of your wallet, plug it into your phone’s hub, and you’re good to go. It comes built with either an integrated Lightning or Micro USB charging cable, so it’s compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

TravelCard Charger

The TravelCard is made from lightweight aluminum and will come in four colors: white, black, silver, and sapphire blue. Its Kickstarter campaign recently wrapped up (and they raised more than six times their goal amount, by the way) but you can still order one on their website for $40.

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