Travel Power Strip From Monster Is Perfect For Any Gadget Bag

Monster Power Strip

By Luke Anderson

When you travel, how many gadgets would you say that you take with you? For me it just depends on where I’m going, but I always have my laptop, Nintendo DS, camera and phone, all four of which need power at some point or another. When I’m staying at a hotel room, there are usually only two outlets at most that are next to each other, which means that I have to go across the room to plug something in. This is why I could use a small power strip to carry around, and Monster has the best one I’ve seen.

Just look at it, it’s the perfect size to throw in your bag, and it gives you that one precious outlet that you always seem to need. You can pick one of these up for just $15, not too shabby.

[ Monster ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]