Trapdoor Checkers – Checkers… With Trapdoors!

Trapdoor Checkers – Checkers… With Trapdoors!

Trapdoor Checkers (Images courtesy Goliath Games)
By Andrew Liszewski

If James Bond was ever challenged to a game of checkers by one of the over-the-top villains he continuously encounters, I guarantee the game board would be just like this one. Except that everyone else playing Trapdoor Checkers will know in advance the board is fraught with 8 strategically placed trapdoors, as indicated by the levers on either side. While it may seem like just a lame gimmick, the trapdoors do add a bit of extra strategy to the game.

When it’s their turn, each player spins to see if they move a piece, or open or close one of the trap doors on the board. Now besides the obvious thrill of watching an opponents’ piece fall through a hole when you open a door below it, the open and closed doors also create random obstacles in the game that can either foil or facilitate a jump or a carefully laid out plan. Now I don’t think the trapdoor idea would lend itself well to other board games like chess or Scrabble, but Trapdoor Monopoly sounds like it has promise, as does Snakes & Ladders & Trapdoors. $29.99 available from Goliath Games.

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