Transparent Toaster Ensures Perfect Toastage

Transparent Toaster Ensures Perfect Toastage


By Evan Ackerman

This toaster is not nearly as cool as the transparent toaster that we posted about, um, two and a half years ago, but this is one that you can (reportedly) actually buy. From a company called Magimix comes “Le Toaster Vision,” a toaster with insulated glass walls that let you see just exactly how burnt to a crisp your toast is getting.

Despite its toaster moniker, Le Toaster Vision is really more of a vertical toaster oven, using two toaster elements per side that are positioned above and below the slices of bread. Reflectors behind the elements make sure that the bread gets toasted evenly while keeping the windowed sides (mostly) clear to see through. Transparent, yes, sort of… But it’s nowhere near as sexy as it could be without all of that other metal in the way.

I can’t find a way to order one of these, but it’s a real product from a real company so sooner or later it will probably show up somewhere. We hope.

[ Magimix ] VIA [ Moco Loco ]

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  1. You want to search for “Acheter Le Toaster Vision”; Google then returns a number of responses, showing the toaster is currently only available in France and Belgium and running between €200 and €250. For a 2-slice toaster. Ahem.

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