Transparent Hotel On The Ocean

Hotel Room on a Lake

By Asim Waqar

The occasional deviation from the normal theme of topics is justified when you come across something peculiar, yet spectacular:

In the Norwegian municipality of Nesna, Carsten Höller’s idea is to create a transparent hotel room on the ocean.

I love it when I find a story so visually stunning that I do not have to even write about it myself, so here is an excerpt from the projects website:

“The piece has a striking visual appearance, which at a distance looks almost like a huge diamond or an ice crystal. The sculpture will be constructed from semi transparent glass and inside it will house a hotel room. Thus it will be possible to spend the night inside the sculpture with all facilities belonging to a normal hotel room. The difference is the fact that the walls, floor and ceiling will be transparent so that the overnight guests will experience the ocean and the surrounding nature intimately. “

You can read the details of the project yourself here .
An interesting collection of works from the same artist can be found here.


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