Transformer Buddy – I’ll Take 20

Transformer Buddy (Images courtesy Improvements Catalog)
By Andrew Liszewski

In an effort to make electronics smaller and easier to fit in your entertainment center a lot of the power-related components are intentionally left out which means you usually end up with a large transformer that takes up 2 or 3 spots on your power bar. Thankfully devices like the XBox 360 or Nintendo Wii use a large brick that sits in between the console and the power plug but plenty of other devices don’t.

Yet another third party solution to this problem is the Transformer Buddy which is basically an adapter that offsets large transformers away from a power bar or wall outlet making sure they only end up using one spot. The Buddy is also able to rotate 360 degrees which means it can squeeze into even the most over-loaded of outlets and the built-in 104-joule surge suppressor should help keep your investments safe while plugged in.

The Transformer Buddy is available in sets of 2 from the Improvements Catalog for $9.99.

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