Trak-kit – Versatile Plasma or LCD Mount

Trak-kit (Image courtesy SHadi + company)
By Andrew Liszewski

While plasma and LCD screens weigh far less than traditional CRT or rear-projection models they’re still not that easy to move around. SHadi + company, a design/build studio has created the Trak-kit which provides a bit of mobility for your flat-screen TV.

Through the use of a ceiling mounted track (which in some places can be thankfully hidden in the ceiling) and a special cable management system your flat-screen TV can be enjoyed in multiple areas or your home, not just the living room. The track can support a screen up to 500 pounds in weight and the length of the track is only limited by the size of your room and the length of the cable. Obviously some cable systems are not optimized for longer distances and may need a signal booster to maintain image quality.

The Trak-kit system can also support your center channel speaker with a special mounting bracket and a motorized version is currently in the works and should be available by 2007.

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  2. I am very interested in the trak-kit ceiling flat-panel tv track – where can I see them, prices, etc. I live in the Southern California area, South Bay Area (near Torrance).

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