TrailFlex Modular Backpack System

TrailFlex Modular Backpack System (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

Anyone who prefers to customize or modify their gear so it’s uniquely catered to their own needs will appreciate the TrailFlex backpack system. Instead of going out and choosing from a wall of different backpacks that have a fixed set of features the TF starts out with a generic base harness (with versions for taller or shorter people) that can have other modular packs easily attached and removed making it infinitely customizable depending on the specific application you happen to need it for.

The base harness includes the various straps and supports found on any backpack plus a standard hydration pack so you don’t always need to be carrying around a water bottle as well. At the moment there are modular additions available for backpacking, fly fishing and hunting but other versions for dog training, law enforcement and mountain biking are set to be released in the fall of this year.

The idea is a simple one but I think it has a lot of potential if the company can produce a wide enough variety of add-ons. For example something tailored to urban life with padded pockets for laptops, phones and PDAs would definitely come in handy though the company seems to be tailoring the backpack for only outdoor type activities.

The TF500 Base Harness is available for $79.95 while the Latitude or Longitude backpack add-ons sell for $59.95 each. Modular gear pouches are also available and start at around $7.

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