Tragedy Strikes My Electronics Family

XBox  360 Ring Of Death (Image courtesy Spoon Monkey via Flickr)By Andrew Liszewski

That’s right, it seems my XBox 360 has met with the same fate as many of its brothers and sisters have via the infamous red ring of death.

As the story goes, I had a rare bit of free time on my hands last night and felt that the old 360 had become a bit neglected since its newly adopted brother the Wii had been brought home. So I dusted off the controllers, fired it up and after a few minutes of poking around the dashboard the system froze on me. After a quick reboot and a few more minutes it happened again. Sadly by the 3rd reboot instead of seeing the green ring of LEDs come on they instead turned red. Now I’ll admit that I’ve occasionally seen the red LEDs come on over the past 6 months but the console always came back to life after that (I know the red lights indicate different problems depending on what quadrant doesn’t light up) so I wasn’t too worried about it. But this time it looks like it’s officially game over.

The best part of the story is that my 360 seems to have taken its final breaths about 20 or so days after the one-year warranty expired which means I’m going to have to pay up in order to get the unit fixed. Hooray! I should probably be angrier than I am but like I mentioned since the Wii arrived my 360 has gone largely ignored so getting it back in running order is not exactly a pressing issue for me. From what I can tell as long as I get it fixed in time for GTA4 I should be ok…

4 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes My Electronics Family”

  1. the sad thing about microsoft hitting the console market is that the end gamer accepted the “system freeze” as a normal system behavior … sad sad thing, no matter how you look at it the xbox is still a computer with a sucky OS behind it.

  2. Clearly this means that I must give my new 360 (xmas gift) several extended workouts! Toughen that guy up a bit, or break it before the warranty expires…

    On a similar note, I thoroughly intend to get my hands on a Wii once they’re readily available in my area.

  3. I read online that if you cover your xbox 360 up with a towel, and let it get super hot, and then turn it off it fixes itself, if that helps. google it if you want the whole story

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