Toys That Go Squish

Toys That Go Squish


By Evan Ackerman

This is Twitch. He’s roadkill.

Our Squash-plush range looks like roadkill. Feels like roadkill. And tastes like roadkill. The blood and guts and gore are made using the latest high-tech stuffing and plush, to give it quite a realistic squidgy effect. The body and head and legs are made from specially sourced plush material, that gives them that tactile quality of mangy fur. The body is partly stuffed with beads, to give it extra dead weight. And unlike real roadkill it’s something you’ll want to take home and arrange on your bed.

Twitch also features zippered sides, so that you can expose as many or as few of his guts as you feel like. £25.00 including a clear plastic body-bag. For a disturbing, funny, and NSFW (language) promo video, click here. Oh, and “squidgy” is my new word of the day.

If the roadkill plush is a little bit too squished for you, check out Lokuloku:

I don’t know what it’s made of; I probably don’t WANT to know what it’s made of. But who really cares, it’s only $3. If you live in Japan, anyway. Otherwise, good luck finding one of these pig shaped sacks of awesomegoo. If I lived in Japan, I’d buy 50 of them, and toss them all off of the tallest building I could find… Just imagine it: a warm spring rain of invincible squish-pigs. Ah, bliss.

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