Toyota’s Security Cams

By David Ponce

Well, the folks over at Akihabara have a little blurb about how Toyota Japan will be putting cameras inside their cars, presumably to make some footage of car thieves and track their sorry asses down.

Making use of G-BOOK technology (anything like OnStar?), the camera would film the miscreant, and then transmit the image back to Toyota’s security center. Of course, I’m not sure what could prevent a savvy crook from just hiding his face until he locates the conspicuous camera and puts some chewing gum on it…

Either way, here’s a little more.

5 thoughts on “Toyota’s Security Cams”

  1. Why not just a camera theat takes a picture and stores it on the engine CPU tht way it can be retrieved after the car is found and the guilty prosecuted, and if removed the car will not start or run. one camera in the dash that takes a frame each time the car starts or once every 10 seconds, the frames could be overwriten after say 5 days or so. could also be used for accident investigation

  2. This isn’t a security camera… it’s more a don’t fall asleep at the wheel or stop staring at your radio and focus on the road feature. It will beep I believe

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