Toyota Develops Robot Leg That Can Jump Like Humans

monopede robotBy David Ponce

Erm… Well, we’re more than a little disturbed by the latest robot news coming out of the Land of the Rising Sun. Seems Toyota Motor Corp.’s been working on developing a robotic leg that can jump like a human. It’s 3.3 feet (one meter) and has a joint on its toe that allows it to jump as high as four centimeters (1.6 inches) by bending and stretching its toe and another knee-like joint. This is a considerable amount of progress over previous, stiff-jointed bots, and will be eventually incorporated into more normal looking bipedal bots. A representative said “the company is also developing on new prototypes that would allow robot to run faster and handle unpaved roads more smoothly. Jumping is just the beginning.”

If you ask us though, there’s something oddly disturbing about a lone jumping robotic leg coming right for you (think futuristic horror flick), benefit to the progress of robotics research or not.

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2 thoughts on “Toyota Develops Robot Leg That Can Jump Like Humans”

  1. While I see the advantage of bipedal robots I can?t help but think we may be going to wrong direction. Four or even six legs are far more stable and efficient. I?d like to see more work on centaur-like robots in the house. This type of design would allow them to interact in normal human ways but also carry much more. Not only that, kids could ride the robots around! Or maybe even bear-like robots that can stand upright and walk around when needed but drop to all fours when going long distances or carrying large heavy loads.

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