Touché, En Garde: Fly Sword Swatter

Touché, En Garde: Fly Sword Swatter

Fly Sword

Mosquitoes are carriers of various diseases and resulting bites from females are annoyingly itchy. You could go for one of those electric fly swatters that look like smaller versions of badminton racket, where a push of a button is enough to zap the pesky insects to death. But if you’ve ever gotten an electric shock from using one of these things (I have, and boy, does it sting), then you might want to go back to old-school fly swatters– and they don’t come any cooler than the Fly Sword Swatter.

As the name implies, the swatter has a handle that looks like that of a sword. The actual swatter part, in turn, looks like a shield. Touché!

The Fly Sword Swatter is available online for $13.

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