Touch Screen TV Remote Control Watch

Touch Screen TV/DVD Remote Controller Wrist Watch (Images courtesy DealExtreme)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few years back Casio released a whole line of TV remote control watches but it seems the public wasn’t really in need of a remote with ridiculously tiny buttons they could wear 24/7. So while Casio has mostly given up on that idea there are still other companies keeping the dream alive.

The LKM TV12 watch comes to us from China and is supposedly compatible with all popular brands of TVs, satellite boxes, DVD players, laserdisc players and VCRs. It also uses a handy touch screen but given its minimal amount of real estate you’ll probably need to use a stylus or really sharp fingernail to hit the buttons. The watch of course also tells time, includes alarm and stopwatch functions and has a green back light.

The best feature though is that the LKM TV12 is currently available from DealExtreme for only $6.24 and even cheaper if you buy in bulk.

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